Property Investment In The USA

Want To Make Great Returns In The US Real Estate Market?

My name is Paul Parkinson, just a normal British bloke who happens to be hooked on property investment in the US Real Estate Market.

I also find US property investment deals for other property investors. 

Over the last two years I have built and developed a team of Realtors, Property Appraisors, Mortgage Brokers & Bird Doggers (deal finders) to help me deliver a top class investment service for my clients.

I specialise in finding high yielding investment property in Florida, Texas, Ohio and New York State. I do help property investors with deals in other states too...

I am a Business Consultant with approx 20 years experience.

I own several websites and partner with several small business owners throughout the UK holding minority stakes in their business. I am currently working on a government funded project helping small businesses in Lincolnshire work through this current economic downturn as a Project Manager for the Business School of Lincoln University.

I also act as a mentor to student entrepreneurs and I am a "guest lecturer" in Entrepreneurship & Enterprise at Lincoln University.

I have been successfully investing in and brokering deals for other investors in USA based real estate since 2008 and during this current economic downturn.

Want to know how YOU can make money from the current collapse of the American Residential Property Market…. without getting off your backside? 

I could teach you the following…

Actually, I said I could but I won’t!!  You don’t have to do any of this…me & my team will do it all for you! 

You just sit back and take the money! Property Investment has never been so easy!

The state of the global economy has presented certain hardships to people but it has also presented astute investors and those with cash to invest great opportunities!

These opportunities are to be found in US residential properties and buy to let investments! I have helped several property investors and even some investment clubs purchase some fabulous investment properties...let me help you!

It’s entirely up to you as to how involved you want to be! 


Some property investors call my simple system the ...    


EASY Cash Flow System (EASY CF) 

Easy Applicable System You Can Follow 


                                                            So why not find out what it can do for you?  


 Ask yourself this one question and try to be honest with yourself… 

With all that I have read and seen on the TV about recession, credit crunch, banking bailouts and pensions over the past couple of years, coupled with the fact that we are all living longer, add to this the increase in population and ever growing burden on the current social security system, will my company and/or a government pension be enough to provide me and my family with the financial secuirty and retirement we deserve?


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